I upload my videos in the order I record them, which is often out of order. So, I’ve organized my videos into playlists on YouTube, in case you wanted to go through them in the intended order. I imagine this is especially helpful if you’re coming across these projects for the first time and didn’t know where to start.

For about a year, I recorded covers of 52 songs, the equivalent of one video a week for twelve months, except I didn’t upload weekly. I initially kept a pattern of having blocks of multiple songs from a single artist, but that changed over time, as reflected in the different “phases” as I progressed through this project.
52 Covers Challenge, Phase One
52 Covers Challenge, Phase Two
52 Covers Challenge, Phase Three
52 Covers Challenge, Phase Four

I did ten covers of Mitski songs, uploading them daily for two weeks. The name of this project is inspired by a “Stevenbomb,” where Cartoon Network would air one episode of Steven Universe a day for a week.
hashtag mitskibomb

The idea for this project was to showcase songs by twelve female artists, half of whom are Asian American and some of whom are queer. The first four tracks are closer to the beginning of their respective albums, whereas the last four tracks are the last songs of their respective albums–I kind of dropped this concept in regards to the middle.
3 EPs

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